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Bardel Entertainment Inc.

Bardel is a fully integrated entertainment company, engaged in creating and producing award winning, audience driven content. Led by its founders, Barry Ward and Delna Bhesania, the studio is recognized as one of Canada’s leading animation and digital media companies. Based in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia’s animation and film production community, Bardel has proven track-record for creating quality branded experiences for children and families.

Studio2 Dimmed

A pioneer in the Canadian animation industry, Bardel has been producing wholly owned and co-produced content, while also providing script to screen creative services for some of the world’s largest studios (See credits). Bardel is an artist driven studio empowered with a proprietary production management system and seasoned executive team, able to oversee multiple productions running concurrently for theatrical, direct-to-video and television, online, interactive and mobile projects.


To expand initiatives to establish an international presence, the company has partnered with veteran TV executive Frank Saperstein (formerly Senior Vice President of Entertainment One) and his company Surprise Bag, in Los Angeles. Frank is representing Bardel in LA and building and maintaining relationships with broadcasters, agencies and international partners to further drive new business opportunities.

Kid Riot Digital Inc.

Kid Riot Digital is Bardel’s interactive division, focused on developing convergent technologies and content to create fun and innovative experiences for youth and families. Today’s audiences are moving away from viewing linear content on movie and television screens to consuming their entertainment on computers, game consoles, digital tablets and mobile devices. Bardel is following its audience by creating new brand extensions across multiple platforms. Each project is evaluated, and based on its core strengths, then strategically launched on the appropriate platform and extended across multiple platforms. Television or film no longer needs to be the only platforms to initially launch a new property